Course Overview

This on-demand, virtual course is designed with those new to their Title IX role in mind. We start with the basics of Title IX and its applicability to sex discrimination and sex-based harassment in K-12 and higher education. Our foundational course equips participants with the knowledge needed to complete compliant, timely, thorough, and trauma-informed investigations.

*Due to potential changes ahead in Title IX regulations, IX Institute students enrolling in 2022 Foundational Courses will receive a free enrollment to an addendum course for their role to ensure they receive training following the implementation of the newest Title IX Final Rule.

  • Describe the role of a Title IX Investigator as it relates to the formal grievance process.

  • Understand investigation procedural requirements under Title IX.

  • Identify steps to designing a thorough investigation plan.

  • Develop a trauma-informed interviewing style, including crafting sound questions.

  • Prepare a comprehensive and informative investigation report.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction and Instructions

    2. Pre-Course Assessment

    3. Meet Our Speakers

    1. Lesson and Speaker Introduction

    2. History of Title IX

    3. Title IX Definitions

    4. Participants in the Title IX Process

    5. Overview of the Title IX Process

    1. Lesson and Speaker Introduction

    2. Introduction to the Title IX Regulations

    3. Sexual Harassment and Recipient Response

    4. Title IX Grievance Process for Formal Complaints

    1. Lesson and Speaker Introduction

    2. Role of the Title IX Investigator

    1. Lesson and Speaker Introduction

    2. Forming Your Investigative Team

    3. Reviewing Key Documents

    4. Drafting an Investigative Plan

    1. Lesson and Speaker Introduction

    2. Preparing a Preamble

    3. Recording Interviews

    4. Building Rapport and Trust

    5. Questioning the Parties

    6. Interviewing Minors

About this course

  • $750.00
  • 9 hours of Title IX content
  • Downloadable course material
  • 32 unique lessons

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